Week 3 Ranking Results…

Week 1 ranking ended with Hello Fresh and Home Chef tied for 1st, Plated 3rd and Blue Apron 4th. Week 2 ranking was Home Chef and Plated tied for 1st, Hello Fresh in 3rd and Blue Apron 4th once again. After only two weeks with Blue Apron, I decided to cut my ties sooner than planned.
The simple ranking have stayed the same with ‘Success’ if we ate it, enjoyed it and either saved the leftovers for later or it was all eaten. ‘Fail’ for if it was not edible at all or one person ate it after doctoring it up with so many other things that the original recipe and ingredients were practically gone and the majority was throw away. A ‘Neutral’ rating is those meals that were edible, but we don’t want it again and even threw away any extra because it was not good enough to finish it off or save it for later.

*Hello Fresh;
Sesame Honey Beef Stir-Fry; everyone who tasted this meal loved it, 4/4. SUCCESS!
Sliced Steak Tagliata; , despite not liking the sweet potatoes as usual the steak and green beans were great. SUCCESS!

*Home Chef;
Shrimp Lo Mein; this was by far the biggest portion of food of any meal kit, this was close to being a neutral for being a bit bland but everyone enjoyed it enough so it barely squeaks by higher. SUCCESS!
Tex-Mex Steak Sandwich; the meat was a little tougher than I prefer but it was still good and everyone killed the fries. SUCCESS!

Chicken Caesar Lettuce Wraps; it wasn’t gross, but it also wasn’t good due to the lack of freshness and ingredients. NEUTRAL…
Sesame Noodles; this meal seemed to lack something hearty and strangely even with the hot sauce seemed very bland. NEUTRAL…

The ranking for week three is tied at #1 Hello Fresh and (barely) Home Chef followed by #3 Plated!


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