*Plated* Sesame Noodles


There were too few of the roasted veggies in this dish for the amount of noodles. I feel like I needed half of the roasted veggies on the plate I pictured to even make it look half as pretty as theirs. That worked out though since some of the people eating didn’t mind the noodles but didn’t like the roasted veggies much. Honestly, I feel like it needed some type of meat or protein added to it as well. We aren’t typically vegetarians in this house, especially at dinner time. There was a 50/50 review on this dish, but either way it just didn’t seem like a full meal.

The Chinese Broccoli was a bit wilted but the rest of the produce seemed up to par. There was quite a lot of pasta and possibly too little of the sauce though

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We had a full house for this taste test – myself, my husband, my almost 6 year old son and extras aged 40, 18 and 1. Quite the variety. My husband said it was pretty good, our usual taste tasting buddy said it was okay and the baby seemed to really like it (eating more than anyone else did); the other 3 of us couldn’t get past a bite or too. It wasn’t really gross to me, just odd. Odd isn’t worth the calories and carbs to me! This wasn’t a total fail at all, but what I would call neutral for sure since the review was a bit of a wash!

Below is their plate on the left and mine on the right…


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