*Plated* Chicken Caesar Lettuce Wraps


There were some less than ideal ingredients in this shipment. Some of the tomatoes were over ripe and only a couple outer pieces of the lettuce were usable. The meat was one of the grossest textures I’ve ever had in my hands. I don’t recall ever using ground chicken before but I  thought it would have a similar beef to ground turkey. I was wrong. It was almost the consistency of some really cheap canned tuna, mushy and gooey plus even a bit sticky. The chicken patties called to be rolled into a ball and then flattened a little but it was literally impossible because it was such a gooey sticky mess.

There was a decent amount of dirtied up pots, pans and such from this recipe. Aside from the gross feeling of the meat it was all fairly simple though.

We aren’t too big on sweet potatoes in this house but these were pretty good. The tomato topping was decent but I think I would have preferred raw tomatoes I think.  I did not try the sauce but my husband said it was pretty good. Once cooked the chicken patties were decent but just not great.

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Overall this was a bit of a neutral dish. It was a bit unappetizing to cook and was neither yummy or nasty to eat. The leftovers were put in the fridge but never eaten.  It looked prettier than it tasted.

Plated’s photo below on the left and mine on the right…


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