*Hello Fresh* Parmesan Chicken Dippers


What a win this Parmesan Chicken Dippers with rosemary fries, green beans and honey mustard sauce! I think I could eat this meal every week and everyone in the house agrees!

The rosemary fries were delicious. Mine were just barely tender so they still had some nice form to them, a couple more minutes could have made them like a softer (soggy) baked potato but we all like them as is. Similarly the green beans kept a nice snap to them – we don’t care much for veggies that all turn into the same consistency of mush.

The chicken was simple. I cut the breasts into strips (three or four per piece), seasoned with salt and pepper, dipped in the egg wash and tossed in the parmesan breading before baking. There was actually no stove top steps in this recipe – all prep and baking. I don’t eat honey mustard but my husband LOVES it. He said this version could have used more mustard and less honey but it was still okay. As for the green beans, potatoes and chicken, we all love it all! SO delicious!!

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Below is theirs on the left and mine on the right!

Check out Aud Pottery if you love my locally made pie dish, bowl and plate!


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