*Hello Fresh* Pulled Pork Tacos


Per the usual (but not always) with Hello Fresh, everything was packaged with great organization and was very fresh. These tacos came with a recipe for a side of black bean salsa, a nice add on that none of the other taco recipes had offered. Aside from some chopping of fresh produce this was one of the quickest, easiest recipes. The pulled pork was already cooked, it just had to be heated and seasoned. I thought that was too easy and considered that it could quite possibly result in rubbery nastiness but only time could tell.

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The sour cream was seasoned with the taco type seasoning giving it a bit of a type, another nice add on. I thought the black bean salsa was beautiful but a little bland (but maybe because I wouldn’t sample the spicy sour cream).

This was plated as a lunch delivery to my hubby at work, I’m not sure if I ran out of time to make a pretty plate to show or if I just forgot, either way – I got it safely to work for him and his guys. My husband said he would have preferred the tacos without the onion in the pork, that the pork was such perfection that it was a bummer to waste taste and stomach space on onion! Oh my!

A bunch of the guys flocked to his office when they saw I brought tacos. They seemed a little bummed when I told them that they were not the Korean Pork Tacos again until they ate them! It was about 50/50 of whether they were as good or not but everyone loved them. Some ate the black bean salsa plain and others put it on their tacos. I’d call it another success – so far all pork tacos with all companies have been winners!

Above is theirs on the left and mine plated to go on the right…


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