*Home Chef* Tex-Mex Steak Sandwich



I forgot to mention that this Home Chef box was actually a day late. The evening of the day it was supposed to arrive I got an email from Home Chef apologizing that I was a part of a glitch at the packing facility and that my box wasn’t packed and sent out but that they were doing it then – therefore it arrived a day late. The freshness was still there since it’s not like it was sitting at the shipment facility overnight.

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The fries were a little time consuming to cut up (especially taking into account all the chopping to make the fresh pico) but the meat being pre-sliced made up the time. The bread just toasted open face down in the oven for a few minutes.

The meat was a little tougher than I had hoped but it was still good. My husband thought the sandwich was really good but that the fries were the best ones of any delivery kit so far. I guess I should have told our friend that the sandwich was Tex-Mex because when he showed up and grabbed his plate he was a little weirded out. Apparently he thought it was just going to taste like a generic philly cheese steak or something. After getting over the initial surprise he was it was awesome. The bread was thick and dense so for carbs sake I actually passed on the bread (which was the same bread from the Shrimp Po’Boys) and it was still quite good without it. My son elected to only eat bread, fries and tomato, what an adventurer.

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Below is their plate on the left and my rendition on the right.



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