*Home Chef* Shrimp Lo Mein



Another properly packaged delivery full of fresh produce with a pretty quick prep of chopping and boiling some water.

The shrimp was the same as the shrimp used to make the Po’Boys which was a successful dish but I was surprised that they didn’t have me season the shrimp. They said to pat each shrimp dry which was pretty impossible because they were partially frozen and I couldn’t get them all apart until they were in the skillet with a little olive oil as directed. I can only assume that they thought the sauce added later would compensate for the shrimp having no added flavor in this quick step.

Because we order the meal for four and it comes prepackages in portions of two, we had two containers of the sesame garlic sauce and two of the sambal. The instructions for the sambal was to add to taste (because it is spicy and obviously not everyone love spice). I put a toothpick in the sesame garlic sauce to taste it, delicious. But, I decided not to taste the sambal since I’m a wimp with spicy. My family does love spicy however so I went ahead and added the two containers of sambal in their entirety.

I figured my husband was going to rave about how deliciously spicy it was but quite the contrary… he said it was decent but didn’t have much flavor. He actually said he wished it were a little spicy. Oops, I tried. Turns out no one thought it was spicy. My husband did get a couple bites of broccoli that he said had a tiny kick to them but other than that everyone agreed it was pretty bland. I even talked a 3 year old little sidekick friend of mine into trying it. He asked me if it was going to be spicy, I said no and he agreed that I was right. He killed a big helping of it (though he did eat around the shrimp saying they looked ‘yuck’). I do appreciate that the veggies kept a crispness with this recipe, staying pretty nutritious. Some recipes call for cook times and techniques that leave you with a brown montage of veggies that mush together – not this one! We did save the left overs but I don’t know if anyone is going to be overly excited to get to them – this one makes me feel like I need a rating between neutral and success…

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For the record, below is the pan AFTER two portions were taken out. This meal was supposed to be for four but as I sit here typing, four portions have been eaten and it looks like it’s maybe half gone. This is the most impressive amount of food in any delivery recipe kit yet!
Pictured below is theirs on the left and mine on the right.


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