Week 2 Ranking Results…

Week 1 ended with Blue Apron on the bottom, after a second week of that I decided to count my losses and go our separate ways. Blue Apron did finally have one successful meal but three major fails is just too expensive and time consuming to continue with them. No hard feelings, Blue Apron.

In the spirit of uniformity I will keep the same simple rankings that I used in week one. ‘Success’ if we ate it, enjoyed it and either saved the leftovers for later or it was all eaten. ‘Fail’ if it was not edible at all or one person ate it after doctoring it up with so many other things that the original recipe and ingredients were practically gone and the majority was throw away. ‘Neutral’ rating is those that were edible, but we don’t want it again and even threw away any extra because it was not good enough to finish it off or save it for later.

*Blue Apron;
Garlic-Caper Chicken; the chicken was perfect, the pasta was my son’s #1 favorite and we didn’t mind the capers despite not knowing what they were before. SUCCESS!
Baja-Style Tilapia Tacos; some less than fresh produce, fish tasted dirty and super fishy, the recipe could be great with fresher ingredients. FAIL!

*Hello Fresh;
Apricot Chicken; despite thinking I didn’t like apricot, everyone really loved this meal. SUCCESS!
Japanese-Style Panko Pork Cutlets; , popped ice packs, rotten produce, terrible meat quality and sauce that just tasted like sweetened ketchup. FAIL!

*Home Chef;
Chicken with Mushroom Gravy; so fresh and delicious, I could add this to my go to recipes because we would love to eat it often. SUCCESS!
Mediterranean Turkey Skillet; it all sort of turned into one flavor of mush, we ate it but without some major recipe tweaking we would never again. NEUTRAL…

Roasted Chicken au Jus; most controversial dish with ratings ranging from loving it to  hating it. NEUTRAL…
Steak Frites; great cut of meat, perfectly seasoned, there were almost tears when the fries ran out. SUCCESS!

The ranking for week two is #1 Home Chef and Plated #3 Hello Fresh, #4 Blue Apron. After two weeks on bottom I am not too heartbroken over canceling Blue Apron and look forward to adding a new company to the mix soon!

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