~Bonus Blog~ Wine!

Let me start off by saying that there will not be an informative review, no taste testing opinion in this post. So I decided to check out Hello Fresh’s wine subscription, the catch though – I don’t drink. I’m a bit of an organized hoarder and always try to be a good hostess so I figured, why not have some more wine on hand when I can get it so cheap. The regular price of a box is $89. I got it for less than $30. Each box gives you the option of reds only, whites only, or a mixture of the two. I ordered the mixture. They sent a box of six bottles. I had to sign for the package and show an ID that I was 21. I had wondered how they could allow anyone to subscribe to wine – I guess that’s why. I was very impressed with the packaging. Everything was snuggly packaged to not be clanking around but not so tight that it felt like it was going to break pulling it out.

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Maybe some of you wine buffs can tell me, is this a good deal for $89 or only a good deal for under $30? These wines don’t seem google-able, maybe they are from new vineyards or something specifically for Hello Fresh… someone trying to get their name out there. Along with the wine they sent a little pamphlet that tells you what to pair with what. When I met my husband he seemed to only like the stereotypical chick drinks but now is typically more of a beer guy. Apparently the neat artwork and the fact that it is delivered has gotten him interested in trying some of the wines.

Eh – for what I paid, I feel like this is a win… a little cheers to my guests.


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