*Hello Fresh* Sliced Steak Tagliata

Our most recent Hello Fresh dish was Sliced Steak Tagliata (whatever that means!) with sweet potatoes, green beans and tomato vinaigrette. I still love how everything Hello Fresh sends is in cute containers and branded for them! It clearly doesn’t matter but I collected miniature anything as a child do it makes me smile. The hoarder in me wants to save them but I am rational enough to throw them away.

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Anyways, these sweet potatoes gave my beloved knives a run for their money. I think my Cutco knives could cut through bone yet it took a pairing knife and a serrated knife to conquer these bad boys. I must admit, I’d never cut up a raw sweet potato before. No one in my house is a sweet potato fan; we prefer the nutritionally deficient, high carb white variety much more.

Despite my previous experience cooking steaks I cooked these for the minimum in the time range they provided… I should have done half of that to keep it closer to my liking. I see no point in a good steak if you’re going to cook it to death. I prefer a barely warm (or really, just not cold), red center – these ended with a barely pink center. Though they were overcooked for my preference I actually thought the steak was very good.  It was leaps and bounds better quality than the Blue Apron beef medallions and pretty comparable quality to the Plated’s steak from our last meal.

What I found even better though was the tomato topping! Not only was it delicious but quite possible the best aroma of any item on any menu so far, in my opinion.

I didn’t think I would like the tomatoes based on the ingredients. I love plain tomatoes, no need to ruin them but instead this enhanced the flavor and was delicious! I was surprised that the green beans called to be steamed for 5 minutes in the microwave, they pretty much just tasted like green beans that were cooked in the microwave… very average, nothing too yummy. The sweet potatoes tasted as rough as I remembered but I have had very few sweet potatoes that I didn’t think were gross so in comparison they may have been a win to the average sweet potato fan. My husband thought the steak was really good but refused to eat the tomatoes (he usually picks them off/out of everything). He really had the exact same opinion of the green beans and sweet potatoes as I did.

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As usual below on the left is theirs and mine on the right!



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