*Plated* Steak Frites

The first week of Plated was neither good nor bad. It was all edible but nothing we would want to eat again. The first meal from this box was the biggest controversy yet. The potatoes were actually fun to make. I was surprised that the steak looked like a good cut of meat, a nice change since we really haven’t had great steak yet. After a decent amount of chopping and getting the potatoes in the oven I started on the sauce.

I have to admit, I did not taste it. I did not like one single ingredient that went into it so rather than being adventurous I just went without. It was a base mixture of things like mustard, horseradish, sour cream and the shallots. My husband thought it was pretty good but that the spinach was great. His opinions was that they tasted a bit like turnip greens, which he loves (and I do not). I found it a little bitter but still ate my portion of it.

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The steak, on the other hand, was delicious! My son said it was so-so (he usually only wants filet) but the two grown men said it was “amazing”, “on point” and “perfectly cooked”. As great as the steak was though, it wasn’t even the hit of the night. I tried one fry, it was good… but the guys scarfed the rest. Our friend waited until everyone else was about done eating to kill the rest of the fries. Then apparently my son decided that he wanted more. He went into the kitchen to help himself them returned to me with tears. He literally cried that there were no more fries. Ha. I guess they were quite tasty! Plated has made an underdog turnaround in my opinion, though it may be too little too late in comparison to Hello Fresh and Home Chef.

Above is theirs on the left and ours on the right!

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