*Hello Fresh* Sesame Honey Beef Stir-Fry

I don’t like honey so I was a little iffy on this recipe. I got it with my husband in mind and figured I could choke it down. Prepping the seven large carrots by only peeling them down to nothing took a good while, thankfully for times sake there wasn’t too much other prep. My husband showed up from work hours early (which never happens) so I was trying to cook in a bit of a hurry to feed the man!

The Beef was not as lean as I would buy at the store but the fatter the more flavor I guess! As most often with Hello Fresh, the ingredients all seemed up to par as did this easy, tasty recipe! The rice was that perfect sticky texture. Yum!

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I only used two of the four srirachas in the sauce recipe and it turned out to be the perfect kick for my husband. I don’t like spicy at all so I just left the sauce off of mine. I found it to not even need it. So delicious! We both thought it was very good. My husband said it is the new third place, only behind the Carnitas Tacos and the Korean Tacos. He added that if we weren’t currently out of white sauce (yum yum sauce, shrimp sauce, whatever you call it!) that it would have made it the number one meal so far. Our friend thought it was excellent though I did have to pick around the carrots for his portion per request. I loved it and my son thought it was fine. I really couldn’t even taste the honey, just made it a smidge sweeter I guess. Four for four on this taste test! That’s a win for sure! Hello Fresh scores again!

Their plate is above on the left with mine to the right, of course.

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