*Plated* Roasted Chicken au Jus

Plated as some serious packing skills. They have the smallest box yet it’s all organized pretty well still. Meal one from box two was tonight. It ended up getting polar opposite reviews!

I’d say this recipe had the least amount of prepping and cutting product than any other we’ve had so far. Another simple recipe – one that could be replicated again with grocery store ingredients pretty easily (minus whatever the spice blend was).

The breading was very simple and easy. I threw it into a skillet for 4 minutes on each side to get a little bit of a sear before putting it in the over with the au Jus to roast the rest of the way.

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Maybe I have an overly keen since of smell but this one smelt so good cooking. Because we get Plated for three servings but we were feeding four tonight I reserved a little bit of the au Jus to sauté a bunch of mushrooms – the perfect add on to this dish.

I thought every ingredient in this recipe made for a delicious meal. The chicken was SO good!! Our test testing buddy said it was the best chicken he had ever put in his mouth. Despite picking the peas out of his orzo he loved it as much as I did. My son said it was pretty good and ate some of his until he heard my husband’s review and decided to be like daddy. Interestingly, my husband (who is typically the easiest food critic of the house) didn’t like it at all! He said the chicken was weird and the orzo was ruined by the peas. He ate and loved my add on mushrooms then had me heat up some leftovers of beef tacos I had made for lunch Tuesday. He found the dish to be a total fail. Hmm. This is the first meal with such polar opposite opinions. Do I count two loving it, one neutral and one fail as a win!? I’m not sure but I will definitely be making this one again, even if it is just for myself when my husband isn’t home!

I forgot to sprinkle the parmesan after I plated it but it was so good that I didn’t even care. Possibly the best chicken in any of the meal delivery kits so far (in two of our opinions anyways). Theirs pictured below on the left and my yumminess on the right!


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