*Home Chef* Mediterranean Turkey Skillet

Our second Home Chef box was beautifully packaged again, the first meal from the box was so yummy. All the ingredients seemed nice and fresh, thank you Home Chef! This meal became a lunch delivery meal – the pro of living a few miles from my husband’s office.

I don’t know if I read it or dreamt it but I cut each end off of the onion and pushed the core out and I never teared up while I was cutting the rest of it up. Win. Sorry for not giving credit to whoever told me, I honestly have no idea if it is a legit thing or just a coincidence that I made up in my mind.

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I appreciate the little premeasured containers, just one more shortcut for the cook that doesn’t compromise the freshness. They also prepeel the garlic. There was a decent amount of prep with the cutting but the recipe was still easy. I browned the turkey, then the veggies in the same pan. After it was all mixed and sautéed I moved it to the oven and dolloped the ricotta on it.

After taking it from the oven and letting it rest for a few minutes I sprinkled it with the provided feta then plated it into containers for delivery. My husband wasn’t too impressed. He typically is a fan of spicy dishes while I prefer something blander. But this was even bland for me. If he was at home he would have done the signature doctor it up with spicy queso, salsa and maybe a tortilla. I could eat it again, but I wouldn’t look forward to it – it just didn’t taste like much. I don’t cook ground turkey very often, I’m not sure if it in inherently flavorless or if it was just this dish. This wasn’t great or terrible, we will call this one neutral.

Their’s below on the left and mine fresh from the oven to the right.



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