*Home Chef* Chicken with Mushroom Gravy

Home Chef box number two – winner, winner, chicken dinner. I’m not even going to build up and make you wonder… this was DELICIOUS! I don’t recall ever making a wine sauce gravy but it was easy and so yummy. The chicken didn’t need much fat trimmed off. The green beans were crisp and fresh. I did have to cut the ends off myself which seemed like a bummer after another company spoiled me pre-prepping them. The mushrooms were plump, perfectly dry and fresh. IMG_1699IMG_1700
Slicing and dicing a few things and I was ready to get cooking. The rosemary and garlic smelt lovely before they were even cooking.

The chicken just needed to be patted dry, seasoned with salt and pepper then seared in a hot pan for a few minutes. It made a bit of a crispier side so that when I put it in the oven to cook, seared side up it kept all the juices in. The chicken was so tender it was able to be cut with a fork. So good!

The only complaint by me is that I wish the chicken was bigger because I wanted more but didn’t want to bust into a second piece. This may have actually been my favorite meal. I could eat those mushrooms and sauce on many different dishes. I will certainly eat it on leftovers tomorrow for lunch. Everyone loved it all. My husband said that it got even better with every bite. My son did admit that he likes his school’s green beans better but still a win in my book.

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Their photo below on the left and mine on the right…



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