*Blue Apron* Baja-Style Tilapia Tacos

My dish was doomed from the start to not be as beautiful as theirs. In their photo they have a beautiful, purple cabbage. They sent me a less than fresh yellowy/green cabbage. How was I supposed to make mine look like theirs when this is what they sent me!?

The fish looked like something I could buy in a clearance frozen food freezer at the store, didn’t look too impressive at a glace.

The outside of the fish was a light flour, Mexican seasonings, salt and pepper. I thought the fish looked pretty once it was cooked. Blue Apron’s last meal gave me hope for this one. I was pulling for the underdog. But it just didn’t happen.

Everyone agreed that the fish tasted cheap. It had a dirty, fishy taste – just not that fresh clean taste. I didn’t mention it to not influence anyone but there were parts of the filets that had ice as if it had been frozen and definitely not fresh. My husband said the crispiness and flavor of the outside was great but was ruined by the cheap tasting fish.

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Surprisingly despite the cabbage looking pathetic he actually liked the cabbage with the mayo sauce and the avocado orange topping. Even our taste testing friend only lasted one bite. My husband made it the furthest again, stopping at half a taco. He said if I remade the recipe with some good, fresh fish that it could be fantastic but no one was able to get past the flavor of the fish filet itself. I thought the cheesy sweet potatoes were okay but found that everyone else’s plates sitting abandoned by the sink looked like the sweet potatoes were untouched, I guess they gave up at the taco disappointments. Another fail.

$59.72 per week (after my coupon is applied to the normal $79.92) would make it $7.49 per serving BUT only one of the four meals was a success. So if you break it down per enjoyable, edible meals and not count what was thrown in the garbage… it’s more like we got four servings of one meal bringing it to $29.86 per serving. Not okay. I don’t like to waste money but more importantly I hate to waste food. So goodbye Blue Apron. Better luck in your next home!

Their good looking tacos on the left and mine to the right.


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