*Hello Fresh* Japanese-Style Panko Pork Cutlets

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I was starting to feel a little bias towards Hello Fresh for the sheer fact that so far it was all positive and delicious, but they put me in check with this meal! There was a hiccup with this box from the beginning. The ice packs had both busted and left a slimy mess. I thought that was the worst of it, but it wasn’t. Worse was the six cucumbers today. Hello FRESH has delivered exactly that every time, freshness. But this time, two of the cucumbers were so rotten that when I picked them up they practically popped and ran down my arm, the four remaining are pictured below. What happened!? I did have them for a couple days but I have other cucumbers in my fridge from over a week ago and they are still fresh enough to eat! Thankfully I was able to use my older ones because theirs were not edible!

This was a pretty messy recipe. I’m always careful not to touch my seasoning or my camera without washing and disinfecting so I had a lot of extra hand washing today. Pat drying, salting, peppering, rubbing sour cream and dipping each piece of pork in panko crumbs to fry in a couple batches was very messy. I also don’t pan fry things often so that was a little messier than I prefer as well. Making a mess in the kitchen is just the thing in this house lately, so not a big deal to clean it all up as long as the dish is worth it!
I’ve been getting requests from some guys at my husband’s job to send more food in (not that it’s a new thing) so I thought this could be a good one to share (they all scarfed down the favored Korean Pork Tacos).

I plated it in individual to-go containers and made the 6 minute drive to my husband’s office. Fresh, homemade food for the win. Whomp, whomp, not so much. The reviews were, “this isn’t terrible”, “well at least it smells good”, “it’s edible”. My husband ate the most giving up after half his cutlet and a couple bites of cucumber.

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My husband’s response was that “it IS edible BUT it’s just not good at all. I’ll just wait til dinner.” Everyone seemed to think the sauce was just ketchup that was too sweet. Though it did have ketchup as half the base, it shouldn’t JUST taste like ketchup. Overall the only thing that anyone didn’t complain about was the rice. Oops.

Above is their plate next to my husband’s to-go plate…


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