*Blue Apron* Garlic-Caper Chicken

Our second Blue Apron box arrived and I honestly wasn’t too pumped about it. After two meals last week that weren’t really even edible I had pretty low expectations. First of all – the zucchinis are HUGE! That may seem like a good thing but I questioned it. I’ve had gardens, I’ve grown plenty of squash. A lot of times the bigger, the more tasteless. Tons of rain can lead to oversized produce that has grown too fast to really be full of the flavor and nutrients – at least in my experience and opinion. No one likes a zucchini that just tastes like water… unless of course you don’t like zucchinis, then maybe that’s a good thing! But these zukes were seriously the size of my forearms, crazy!

This recipe was quite easy, I feel like very little experience in the kitchen is needed to make this recipe properly. There was only a little fat to trim off of the chicken and minimal prep with only having to cut the two zucchinis and few cloves of garlic.

Turns out the zucchini wasn’t overinflated tastelessness-  it was a healthy, firm, delicious zucchini that just happened to be massive! The words “phenomenal” and “yummy” were used a lot while everyone was eating. My son couldn’t get enough of the noodles. My husband said it was up in the top handful of recipes and our friend kept bowing to me. Seriously, I was shocked and pleased. Despite not knowing what a caper was, it was pretty good! In case you are still wondering what a caper is (I thought it was maybe like a lintel), apparently it is actually a pickled flower bud! No complaints on any element of this dish! It was all very tasty! It’s finally a Blue Apron success!!

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As usual, below is their dish on the left and mine on the right… no wonder my husband went back for more pasta, it looks like I jipped him a little!



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