Week 1 Ranking Results…

So – here’s the thing. I figured I’d give each company 4, 5, 6 weeks of fair assessments before really deciding which was best… I’m thinking that is being revised to maybe a second week only and here is why; the cost and waste. It’s a bit of a let down to spend the time and money on a meal that is just edible and not enjoyable, it’s actually pretty frustrating to spend time and money on a meal that is not even edible! I am no pro but my skill level is capable of completing all the recipes I’ve received properly and really near perfectly to the instructions. My trusty taste testers and I agree that the shortcoming have been based on blandness of ingredients or cheap cuts of meat. I’ve given each meal a score. ‘Success’ if we ate it, enjoyed it and either saved the leftovers for later or it was all eaten. ‘Fail’ if it was not edible at all or one person ate it after doctoring it up with so many other things that the original recipe and ingredients were practically gone and the majority was throw away. ‘Neutral’ rating is those that were edible, but we don’t want it again and even threw away any extra because it was not good enough to finish it off or save it for later.

*Blue Apron (4 meal options and an additional wine subscription available each week); Meals for four $79.92, with coupon I paid $59.72 = $7.49 per serving
Mexican Chicken and Rice Casserole; only my husband made his portion edible by piling other toppings from out fridge. FAIL!
Seared Beef Medallions and Pan Sauce; the mashed potatoes were a good but the steak and kale were not edible. FAIL!

*Hello Fresh (5 meal options and an additional wine subscription available each week) ; Meals for four $69.92, with coupon I paid $55.92 = $6.99 per meal
One-Pan Pork Carnitas Tacos; reviews like best tacos ever and even best food ever put in mouth! SUCCESS!
No-Fuss Pesto Chicken; tender, perfectly seasoned, something everyone enjoyed though some didn’t think they would based on ingredients they don’t usually like. SUCCESS!

*Home Chef (11 meal options, 2 add on smoothie options, 1 fresh fruit add on and 2 lunch salad add ons available each week); Meal for four $79.60, with coupon I paid $49.60 = $6.20 per meal
N’awlins Shrimp Po’Boy; all 3 of the guys (even my 5 year old) scarfed these down, ranked as best dish by one and just behind the Carnitas tacos by another. SUCCESS!
Korean Pork Tacos; lots of food, made 10 tacos that some voted new best delivery meal yet. SUCCESS!

*Plated (20 meal options and 2 add on desserts available each week); Meal for three $67.65, with coupon I paid $52.72 = $8.73 per serving
Steak Gyros; this seemed to be one of the most average dishes, the steak was edible but the attempt of a sauce was lame, it was just blah. NEUTRAL…
Chicken Pot Pie with Parsnip and Thyme; not terrible but another one of those dishes that didn’t taste like much and was a little dry yet still mooshie. NEUTRAL…

The clear, unanimous ranking for week one is #1 Hello Fresh AND Home Chef, #3 Plated, #4 Blue Apron. With the 2 best options also being the 2 cheapest options in week one this is looking like a no brainer so far. Maybe Plated or Blue Apron can make a surprise comeback in week 2.

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