*Hello Fresh* Apricot Chicken

The box arrived with a slime coming from the bottom. I was afraid that it was leaky chicken but was actually a little relieved that it was one of the ice packs. Turns out both ice packs had tears in them and had been leaking during shipment. It was a pain to clean up but at least it was labeled non-toxic and everything was packed well enough that nothing was ruined.

Despite the hiccup in the packaging, Hello Fresh is doing a good job of being consistently great. Fresh ingredients once again! This recipe for ‘Amazing Apricot Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans’ was pretty easy again though I feel like I dirtied up a sink full this evening. The dishes are always my least favorite chore! Anyway – I love that the green beans were cleaned already and had the tips trimmed off, much quicker for prep. Most of the delivered recipes call for salt, pepper and olive oil that they make the reasonable assumption that you will already have at home. This recipe also called for butter that they did not send, which wasn’t a problem. But I will make sure to double check before I get started next time since each company is a little different.

I did cook the potatoes and green beans each a few minutes longer than what was suggested because they were still too firm. I’m not a huge green bean fan but they were good. My son didn’t get to taste any of it because he fell asleep before dinner and is actually still asleep, too much excitement this week I guess. Our taste testing bachelor friend refused to try the apricot topping but thought the chicken was great without it. The apricot jam made the dish sweeter than what I prefer but it was still good. My husband said this meal is number three only behind the two different pork tacos so far though so a major win for him. Definitely got both sweet and savory with this selection.

Another Hello Fresh success for sure.

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Hello Fresh photo below on left vs. mine on right…


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