*Home Chef* Korean Pork Tacos

More pork tacos… I wasn’t sure that anything could live up to the *Hello Fresh* Pork Tacos but it was too late since they had already been selected so oh well.  I’ve said it before but turns out, this was the easiest recipe so far – not always a good sign though. All the ingredients seemed fresh, can’t complain much about the condition of green onions. Everything else was portioned out into little cups or strangely the packets of mayo again along with sriracha this time. I browned the pork with the Gochunjang Red Pepper Paste, which I had never heard of.

After adding in the whiter side of the onions, chopped ginger and garlic sesame sauce the delicious fragrance seemed to permeate the whole house – yum! The sriracha mayo literally consisted of opening the packets of mayo and sriracha and mixing it together, couldn’t get any easier than that.

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To keep a short story short, it was supposed to make 9 tacos, I rounded it up to 10. I plated a couple for our taste testing friend and packed up 8 (with the sriracha mayo to be added later) to be delivered to my husband at work. He was able to eat 3 before the aroma brought it the scavengers to share with. I had to text him the recipe because not only are they his new favorite but everyone else loved them as well and need more! My friend said they are still second to the other tacos but my hunny said they are hands down the best meal that has been delivered! His original text said, “these win”… I said “win tacos?” His response was that they “win all food!” Sounds like another major success for Home Chef!

Above is his little lunch platter to share. Below is their photo on the left and mine plated on the right.


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