*Plated* Steak Gyros


Our first Plated box showed up today. A small box. It had one fairly small ice pack and cotton padded insulation, everything was perfectly cold still. It was just late enough that I wasn’t able to cook any of it before going to church but the second we got home I pulled the Steak Gyro ingredients back out of the fridge. All the ingredients seemed fresh, a better start than some of their competitors. The cuts of steak had a slight marble to them. It didn’t look like a ton of food, then I remembered that it was portioned for three, not four. Not that it’s a huge difference but Plated was the only company that offered three servings as opposed to two or four. IMG_1453IMG_1455
I cut and prepped the veggies for the oven and put the steaks on to sear. It was a pretty simple recipe again. Maybe too simple, the marinade seemed too little too late. I’m a fan of trying to leave something overnight but it was a few steps into the recipe as if it only needed to marinate for a couple minutes.

I appreciated the simplicity but perhaps it needed just a something more. I got a nice sear on the steak but it was still fairly tender in the middle, about like if you ordered it medium at a restaurant. When plating the dish I put down the warm naan, spread the dressing (made of Greek yogurt, feta and spices), the roasted peppers and onions, thin slices of the steak and the arugula. Easy plating. When it came time to eat… it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. It was just okay. We all ate it, no one was tempted to eat extra, no one had any real compliments or complaints… it was just okay. We have had some BAD food in this journey and some delicious dishes – this was your every day, unmemorable meal.

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Eh – we were all just left underwhelmed. Plated on the left and mine on the right…


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