*Home Chef* N’awlins Shrimp Po’Boy

I was excited when the box showed up around noon. I immediately brought it inside and checked out the goods. It appeared as though everything was portioned for two so we got double of everything. I actually love that. It would be so convenient to do a small lunch portion then again in a couple days instead of having to cook it all at once… more options is always a good thing.

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I began to feel a little let down when I realized the shrimp were frozen, the tomatoes were quite a bit lighter than I would have selected and the romaine lettuce was wilted around the outer ends. Bummer but not a deal breaker. I also found it odd the sauce made of mayo, relish and canjun spices was literally made out of a handful of packets! Lucky for any of you all that hoard packets and want to make the sauce to try. Next I realized that I needed a grill pan… which apparently I don’t own anymore. Thankfully I did have the old trusty George Forman Grilling Machine with the removable plates! Ooo-la-la, George for the win!

I grilled the bread with a little olive oil and grilled the shrimp with a little butter (they called for a non-stick spray). While the shrimp was quickly cooking I finished the salad; romaine, tomato, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil. Next was my first error of this little meal delivery cooking journey.

When I was assembling the sandwich I did not notice that the salad was to be served on the side. I saw the picture of just the sandwich with the lettuce and tomato on it and assumed that was what the salad was for. After my husband, son and our bachelor buddy began eating I realized that the reason my version was so much uglier was because they called for plain, neat slices of romaine and tomato between the sauce and shrimp. I had stuffed mine with the salad which was chopped and falling out more, just making it uglier and messier to stack. I decided not to point out my mistake right away and deal with it as they complained.

That never happened though. They all loved it! My son ate it deconstructed; the bread, shrimp and tomatoes all separately, he says maybe when he’s six he will eat it all together. My husband said this Home Chef Po’Boy was actually even better than his previous favorite of the Hello Fresh Tacos and that he loved the extra flavors in the salad! Wow! Of course after the random compliment I told him that it was just a happy accident and that it was just supposed to be plain lettuce and tomato. He was very pleased with my mistake. Our guinea pig friend said that the tacos just barely took first still but that this was absolutely phenomenal! I’ll take it.

Great start for Home Chef! Of course, their pretty Po’Boy on the left and my extra tasty, messy one on the right!


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