*Blue Apron* Mexican Chicken and Rice Casserole

Yum, we were all looking forward to this one. As I mentioned in my previous Blue Apron post, the stalk of the broccoli looked a bit rough – brown and soft but all the other ingredients were yummy enough that I was pretty confident that once I properly prepped the broccoli it wouldn’t make a difference in the dish. I was right.

This was possibly the most prep and active cooking of any of the home delivery meals so far. My son was excited to help me shred the cheese… I typically buy cheese already shred or slice it, he was enthralled with my cheese grater (I don’t think I’d used it since he was born)!

The rice smelt great cooking. I then started on the chicken and eventually set it aside to cook the veggies in the same pan. Finally I mixed all the remaining ingredients into the veggies then mixed the chicken and rice back in. Once it was thoroughly mixed it had to be baked for the cheese to melt.

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It looked great fresh out of the oven so I sprinkled it with the tortilla strips, scallions and opened the sour cream! I took a bite of the chicken… it tasted like nothing. So I took a bite of the broccoli, it had a familiar taste. It tasted just like the chicken I had just eaten – like nothing. It was just a mush of no flavor with some crunchy no flavor on top. Only thing with a pinch of flavor was the raw scallions on top. So, my next victim was one of our best friends who may or may not have had a bit of a buzz going on, in which case he thinks all food is good. It didn’t help. He said, “Sorry. Sorry, you know that I love your cooking but this is terrible. It doesn’t taste like anything at all”. He salted and peppered it before giving up and asking me to make him a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese! Ouch! Next up was my hubby – one bite and he said it was too rough to eat. I began making a different dinner for him when he came back into the room feeling bad that no one would eat it and told me not to throw it away yet – I didn’t blame him for not wanting to eat it! He told me to pack up his dinner that I was working on for his lunch tomorrow and he decided to eat the high calorie, mushy, air flavored casserole.

My husband ended up portioning out about 1/8th of the casserole, pouring queso and lime salsa as about 50% of his portion, lathered it in sour cream and grabbed the Tostitos… at which time he said it was finally pretty good. Though he made it edible, he said I should go ahead and throw the rest away. Blue Apron photo is below on the left, mine on the right (before my husband added his concoction to it). Feels like another fail, Blue Apron. Fail.


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