*Blue Apron* Seared Beef Medallions and Pan Sauce

…Saturday morning… I logged on to track my package, it said it would be here by 10pm. Bummer! Thankfully it showed up at 11am! The box was quite a big smaller than the Hello Fresh box from Thursday. I thought maybe they don’t give as much product, they are more efficient packers or it’s just a cram jammed disorganized mess in there. Another padded freezer bag, great!

All the produce seemed fresh with the exception of the broccoli. The flowerets looked to the standard I would pick but the stalk was pretty mushy and a bit brown on the end which led me to believe that maybe they tried to freeze it at one point (but that’s for tomorrow’s meal). I have had broccoli, celery and cucumbers accidentally freeze in my fridge before when I carelessly stuck them in and blocked the little vent… it causes them to be more translucent in the firm places and become bendy and inedible after thawing. I soon found out that they saved some space by not separating the meals into paper bags as well as sandwiching the meat between a piece of cardboard and one icepack instead of the two icepacks like their competitor. Honestly, I’m glad the cardboard was there this time because the beef was a leaking bloody mess that got all over the chicken package, ice pack and was pooling a little on the bottom… at least the box was clearly marked as Blue Apron so the delivery driver wouldn’t be disturbed if some blood leaked out before leaving it on my porch. The rest of the produce was fine, though I’ve never made mashed potatoes out of just three fairly small potatoes.

I began boiling the potatoes and cooking the onions and kale… the nice scent of the potatoes was quickly covered by the stink of the strong vinaigrette in the kale. The cooking was all pretty easy again though I wasn’t a fan of the recipe card. I like the steps being listed in the order to make everything done at the same time but instead they had each item divided into its own section, it worked out fine but just didn’t seem like the most organized way hoping back and forth from one section to the next. The steak smelt great cooking until it was resting and I was making the pan sauce… then it was back to smelling like overly strong vinegar.

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The garlic mashed potatoes looked dry to me but I resisted the urge to doctor them up to a creamier consistency. That was fine because everyone that ate the potatoes loved them. The meat smelt good and even tasted good but it seemed to be a cheap cut or something because I was only able to chew about half of it and ended up spitting out about every other bite. It had quite a bit of marblization in it. I prefer a cut like a filet mignon because I’m not a fan of the fat and gristle. Our guest (who loves steak fat more than the rest of it) was pretty pleased with the steak though he did admit it was pretty tough. My son studied it all and decided to have cereal and cheese for dinner, ai yi yi. I thought the kale was pretty rough, it didn’t taste as bad as it smelt but it was far from good. No one else would even try it.

Overall the dish did not smell very good and other than the potatoes I wouldn’t say I found anything else very edible. The packaging seemed efficient but the beef blood leaking on other items squashed my thankfulness of saving a little packaging.

Blue Apron’s on the left and my hubby’s plate on the right (though he refused to even try the kale). If I was served this at a restaurant I wouldn’t go there again. From the rarest piece of meat to the most well done… none of it was possible to chew without a major fight. Hopefully the Mexican Chicken and Rice Casserole will redeem Blue Apron tomorrow!


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