*Hello Fresh* One-Pan Pork Carnitas Tacos

I must start off by saying that we ran out of food… only 2 grown, hungry men ate. My husband and his best friend are always big taco fans so I added a can of refried beans as a side to make the tacos go further, it didn’t help much. They are gone but the reactions were, “these are phenomenal”, “the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth”, “why do pork tacos at restaurants not taste this good!?”, “make these all the time”, “why isn’t there anymore!?”…
So, let’s rewind…

Looking into the bag there seemed to be quite a lot of ingredients, it made me feel like I got a lot for my money despite there not being a side dish. Aside from pinches of salt, pepper and sugar everything I needed was there, thankfully because I didn’t have any vinegar on hand. Once again, very fresh ingredients – check!

The prep wasn’t bad, just chopping a few things. Aside from a few onion induced tears, no big deal there. I know I’ve heard there is a way to cut an onion without it making your eyes water but I don’t recall it – someone help me out! It was nice not to dirty up a bunch of pots and baking sheets, just the one pan as they said. I browned the pork and drained off the grease, cooked the peppers and onions is the still slick pan, then added back the pork with the additional ingredients including tomato paste, chicken stock and fajita seasoning. It smelt tantalizing!

I assembled them as directed despite the fact that my husband says that he doesn’t like peppers, onions, tomatoes or cilantro. Typically when I cook I leave the peppers and onions large enough to pick them out for him, and leave the other toppings off – not this time. He loved it all. No picking things out, no complaints, though he did ad some melted queso to the top of his seconds. More of his words, “these are perfect, another win for sure!”

Let’s be honest… clearly their tacos are prettier than mine (below on the left) BUT if I would have stuffed mine as full as theirs the guys would have needed bibs and I would have needed a mop!

Mmmmmm! If you subscribe to Hello Fresh, these are a must!



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