*Hello Fresh* No-Fuss Pesto Chicken

IMG_1116My box arrived! Lucky for me I was home since it was left in direct sunlight around noonish – I thought that could pose a problem for those that work away from home more often then I do. But they seemed to have that covered with two massive ice packs on either side of the meat all packed inside of a thermal bubble wrap bag. Well done, Hello Fresh.

Aside from the meat each meal was in it’s own brown paper bag. I appreciate the organization which made it easy to effortlessly place one in the fridge for tomorrow. Todays meal selection, the No-Fuss Pesto Chicken! The chicken appeared to be properly trimmed (as opposed to what I’ve purchased at the grocery store lately that seems to have so much fat and tendons hiding behind the packaging to trim at home – a bummer when you pay by weight), only one little piece of fat to pull off. Looking into the bag of ingredients made me question the value for the amount that was in there BUT everything looked truly fresh to the quality that I would select in the store myself. Twelve little potatoes and salad greens; The potatoes nor the greens looked like enough for four people, I guess they assume it is two adults and two children – in which case maybe it could be reasonably portioned.

If you love my bowl as much as I do – check out Paisley Bird Pottery!
Anyway- the prep was very simple. After my husband mentioned that he didn’t like Pesto I only used one of the jars instead of both. I do feel like it was enough though and covered the chicken well. At the opposite extreme I used ALL of the panko and cheese toppings though it seemed only half would have been necessary.

I cooked the potatoes 5 minutes more than it called for but aside from that I followed the instructions right on. I almost didn’t open the second packets of topping but using more topping than what looked necessary, specifically every last crumb of it, turned out delicious! It made a crispy type crust over top of the softer breading – SO good! My 5 year old son was so excited watching it bake but when it was all done he didn’t like the chicken much. He did like the potatoes though. I believe my husband’s first response was, “OH MY! That chicken is freaking great!” Language! 😉 Apparently he does like pesto but he claims it must only be this Hello Fresh pesto that is good. Tough critic but he LOVED everything about this meal. Back to the portions though – there turned out to be more than one portion left probably fit for another adult even (which will likely be eaten by a friend arriving in a few minutes). So, I was wrong with my original assessment of the portions. My apologies, Hello Fresh – well done. I think I’m used to having maybe too many leftovers, so this was really just right for four people.


Hello Fresh on the left vs. mine on the right!
Overall thoughts – efficient packaging, perfectly fresh ingredients, easy prep and an extremely tasty outcome! Great start for Hello Fresh!

STAY TUNED for Hello Fresh Pork Tacos tomorrow!


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